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Capidava Financial - Scrisori de Garantie, Credite
Capidava Financial - Credite, Scrisori de Garantie Capidava Financial - Credite, Scrisori de Garantie
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||||     Proof of Funds is an efficient and inexpensive way to achieve your financial goals. The Proof of Funds we arrange for you is a real bank account with actual, verifiable, secured deposits – in your name – that can be used to enhance your financial position and, where needed, buy you time during a transaction.
Proof of Funds, sometimes referred to as ‘leased funds’, demonstrate that you have legitimate and obtainable funds available to use for a transaction.

We can arrange varying levels of Proof of Funds:

||||    Proof of Funds Bank Letter
On bank letterhead.
Signed by two bank officers.
Evidence reserved (‘blocked’) funds.    Read more.
Sent to you/your Client and Escrow agent.
Verified on a bank to bank basis.

||||    Proof of Funds SWIFT MT799

Bank Responsible document.
SWIFT Transmission.
Unique Message Number.
Two x Bank Officers identified, one nominated.
MT799 is sent to your Receiving Bank.
MT799 transmission receipt from Issuing Bank (export copy) is sent to Escrow Agent.

||||    Proof of Funds – SWIFT MT760

Leasing an SBLC/BG is an excellent option to show Proof of Funds or otherwise allow for your Financial Enhancement, particularly for a longer term.
A Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee is assurance by the bank of your financial capacity. Clearly stronger than any personal or corporate undertaking the leasing of this type of bank instrument can be the leverage you require. For more information on SBLCs and BGs please contact us.
If you choose this option (Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee) we cause a SWIFT MT760 to be sent to the Receiving Bank after all our standard procedures are followed.

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